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DeWitt coat of armsOn this page you will find a variety of information as we are in the process of sorting and organizing. Much of which will look familiar to those of you DeWitts who received the "History of the DeWitt's" that Cynthia (DeWitt) Harden in the most generously wonderful way made available for us fairly recently. Please look around and feel free to share any ideas or suggestions. You may email the following link with any information: History Email

You will find records dated to many generations past, but the primary focus of DeWittVille will be on the more recent history of Thomas & Margaret and their children.

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Thomas Harrison DeWitt born on April 16, 1908 to William Delphia DeWitt & Ina Alice McCroby passed away Feb. 24, 1984 in Indian Head, PA.
Margaret Clara Bittner born on Jan. 12, 1908 to Calvin Jacob Bitter & Anna Luella Fisher passed away July 31, 1991 in Indian Head, PA.

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Here is an interesting bit of reading:

The DeWitt Family Historical Society
Copies of Leaflet - 1934


(In Holland the word DeWitt is literally the "White")

It is the name of a famous Dutch family, who have always been foremost in the ranks during contests for political and religious liberties, both in Holland and in America. In past centuries, several illustrious DeWitt's sacrificed their lives because of their enthusiasm and formidable work toward establishing and maintaining a republic form of government, in Holland, and were arrested and fined for the first advocating of sufferage in America.


By RUBY HASKINS ELLIS (copyright, Philadelphia Ledger)
This surname is a variation of the name "Witt" or "White". The old Anglo-Saxon form of spelling "hwit". Undoubtedly the name originated from the Latin Word "Albus" meaning "white" as the first mention of the name occurs in Doomsday Book, as Alwin Albus, otherwise "witt". It is thought that the surname was assumed by some remote ancestor of fairness of complexion, it being a popular fad to adopt some personal peculiarities as ones cognomen. The American family was founded of this name by Tjerck Claessen DeWItt, who came over from Holland in about 1653, and married Barbara Andriessen. The descendents are now living in many states other than their native New York. The historian in this work would also add that the syllable "de" is a title of honor, prefixed to the name "Witt" as was the custom in the ancient days, for faithful services in performing good deeds in honor of their name professionally "dewitt".


You and your friends are invited to attend the next re-union at Kingston, N. Y., July 4, 1934, by a communication received from William C. DeWitt of said place as follows: Here is Tjerck Claessen DeWitt homestead, just as he left it, and his son Andries enlarging it, also the frame barns remain the same, the same timbers in the interior showing. Andries was killed by the falling of the sleepers (or beams) in 1710, and lies under the gravestone, marked with his name and date, in the old Dutch churchyard here. I propose that the next reunion be held at the Suydam farm, now occupied by John and Hery Beatty, and the Suydam and Hasbrook families, the former Tjerck Claessen DeWitt and Andries DeWitt homestead here. I invite all the DeWitts to come here, and I will secure a plot on said farm for parking or opposite, and have the reunion on said farm, so that all the buildings can be visited inside and out and under the grand poplars have our reunion, that would be a source of inspiration, the actual birthplace of our ancestors to carry on. Col. Charles DeWitt, perhaps the most distinguished of the DeWitts in America, friend of Washing, lived at Greenskill, lies buried at Hawley, just a step beyond Tjerck's place. After the historian consulting with some of the friends, the above date was decided most appropriate, in honor of our ancestors who fought for independence, and let us all be present and make this a noted celebration.

At this gathering it is desirable on the part of the acting historian for the DeWitt family to form a permanent organization under some suitable name, to be decided upon by all those present, for to compile the lineage and history of all the DeWitt families, in book form or just own's own family lineage, typewritten, from our first ancestors down to the present, giving the vocation, society affiliations, number, street, town, city and state address, of every one of our family and friends, in this country. The family at present are more largely located in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Kansas and South Dakota, around Los Angeles, California, Washington, D.C. and in fourteen more of the states, and evidently more will be located.

The DeWitt family have an unbroken line of lineage on record at The Hague, Holland back to 1295, business records back t 1204, and well educated, college bred (degree) back ti the early fifteen hundreds.

A Dr. DeWitt was with Henry Hudson's exploring expedition sent out from Holland in 1609, first discovering the New Netherlands (Hudson Bay, Manhattan Island and the Hudson River). Jacob DeWitt, Land Advocate of Holland, was over here in 1630. John DeWitt, Jr. Grand Pensionary of Holland, was over here in 1639. Tjerck Claessen DeWitt came over here in 1648, married Barbara Andriessen in New York City in 1656. Pieter Jansen DeWitt came over here in 1652, married Marritje Willems. Jan (John) DeWitt came over here sometimes previous to Tjerck and Pieter and settled on Lond Island.

The biography of the many DeWitts will be published along with the lineage, as well as a few of the prominent as follows:

Jacob DeWitt, college bred (Leyden) several times Burgomaster of Dort in the early 1600's, was imprisoned for advocating a free republic. He was pleasing in appearance and a handsome man.

John DeWitt, college bred (Leyden), son of Jacob, was Holland's greatest statesman, Grand Pensionary of Holland. His physical appearance is interesting, but he was not a handsome man, and sacrificed his life for a free republic.

Cornelius DeWitt, college bred (Leyden) brother of John and a close associate. As a statesman, Burgomaster of Dort, sacrificed his life with his brother, John for a free republic. Ashrine stands at the square at the Hague, Holland, in honor and memory of them.

Col. Charles DeWitt lived in Kingston, New York, friend of Washington, was very active during Revolutionary times.

Col. Cornelius D. DeWitt was on Washington's staff.

Col. Thomas DeWitt (Rev) was on Washington's staff.

Surveyor General Simeon DeWitt, topographical engineer on Washington's staff all through the war; college bred and a great educator.

Captain Jacob DeWitt, Capt. Lucas DeWitt, and many others of official and private rank in the war of 1776 (Andries A. DeWitt and seven sons.)

Maj. Moses DeWitt, surveyor, lived in Syracuse, New York; of prominence

Gov. DeWitt Clinton, the great statesman and educator.

Col. William Radcliff DeWitt, Col. Abraham DeWitt, Capt. Moses DeWitt, Capt. Abraham DeWitt and many more of official and private rank in the war of 1812 (enlisted from Ulster County, New York, along were 67 DeWitts.)

Many DeWitt were in the Civil, Spanish American and World War.

Four sons of Dorsey DeWitt were across and in active service in the World War

Rev. John DeWitt, Rev. John DeWitt, Rev. Thomas DeWitt, Rev. John DeWitt, Rev. John DeWitt, Rev. William Radcliff DeWitt, and other old-time clergymen with college degrees and great educators.

Mail in your lineage to the historian for the interest of the future generation. It will be a delightful trip to the next reunion for those who have never seen the grandeur of the wonderful Hudson River and the beautiful city of Kingston, N. Y.

Some of the friends could visit on their route High point, N. J. (near Port Jarvis, on the Delaware River). It is easy of ascent, and you can view all over the state of New Jersey.

Remember the date, July 4, 1934, Independence day.

Ex-Mayor Jerome DeWitt, Atty., Binghampton, N.Y.
Frederick P. DeWittm, Atty., New York, N.Y.
William C. DeWitt, Kingston, N.Y.
Hon. Asa K. DeWitt, Plymouth, Pa.
Irvin A. DeWitt, Atty., Sunbury, PA.
Miss Rene DeWitt, Saugherties, N.Y.
Frank M. DeWitt, Binghampton, N.Y.
Jacob W. DeWitt, Masonic Homes, Elizabeththwown, Pa. (Acting historian)

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