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We will eventually have a DeWittville message board here or somewhere close by. A message board is where you can post messages and others can respond to them. It will be the place to come and leave messages about anything you would like. Such as:

  • Could be you want all those folks in the other states or town to know about that new job you just landed, or the one you just lost.
  • Possibly you are a Steelers fan and just had to rub it in that they trounced Indy again.
  • What a great way to get the word out that you are in search of Aunt Dorothy's dumplings recipe.
  • And we are all interested in how many shirttails cousin Wilbur lost this fall.
  • Sometimes we feel more connected just knowing who's going to who's house for the holiday.

Keep an eye out.


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someone if you post a predetermined meeting time)

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